Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Review: "Overboard" is literally overboard with amorality and unfunny comedy

Overboard Review

Kate Sullivan is an everyday Joe Schmo, or should I say Jane Schmo, trying to make it in life. She is a single mom just trying to get by with the day to day. She has two jobs all by herself, and in between, she is picking up her children from school. Her daughters maybe embarrassed when their mom picks them up in a pizza car, but Kate can't help it. She is a pizza delivery person as well as a cleaner, and she's merely trying to provide for her three daughters.

As a cleaner, she happens upon the yacht of Leonardo Montenegro, the son of one of the richest people in the world. He's a snob, and when he first meets Kate, he makes some very rude remarks about her appearance, and works her to death. She complains to whomever will listen. When Leonardo tries to get Kate to get her some fruit, she makes it clear that she can only clean. So Leonardo promptly fires her. Leo then pushes her off his yacht and throws her equipment into the ocean, destroying it.

Karma ends up being a bitch for Leo though, as he slips off his own yacht and suffers brain damage that causes amnesia. Kate sees an opportunity. She fakes some documents that say that she has been married to Leo for fifteen years, and decides to get him to pretend to be his wife. She then begins ordering him around and doing things for her. Not only does he work multiple jobs, but he also does all the house chores. This was apparently a remake of a film starring Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. I never saw the original, so I have no idea how it parallels the first film. I can say that nothing funny happens in this film, and the film itself doesn't teach very good lessons.

Anna Faris plays Kate, and honestly Faris has always been a blank to me. She is no different here, and I honestly wonder how she got a career in Hollywood in the first place. Her mushy voice annoys the heck out of me, her wide eyes display no characterization, and she can't create a character to save her life. She has always been a poor, poor excuse for a leading lady. I think the business sees that though, she only ever seems to come around when everybody else is unavailable. Eugeino Derbez plays Leo, and he's fine. The script barely gives him a script to play with though.

Then there is the story itself, its a little too disturbing to be a comedy. That's right, disturbing. Yes, I get that Leo is a snobbish billionaire, and he treats Kate with absolutely no respect. But does that mean she can turn around and lie and torture him for her amusement just because he's a snobbish billionaire? The movie ha its own amorality, that's supposed to be funny I guess, but never quite comes off funny. When a movie boils down to two horrible people, and the movie has nothing important or worthwhile to say, it loses me. I don't see the point of any of it.

I wasn't expecting much from this, and I don't think you should either.


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