Friday, April 6, 2018

The First Purge Trailer

By and large, "The Purge" franchise has been fine. Not nearly as great, and while I have a seething hatred for the first movie, the sequels have been building towards the movie I think creator James DeMonaco was trying to make from the start. With "The First Purge," we are going all the way back to The Purge, which means we'll learn how this whole thing got started. The trailer is overstuffed with political overtones, which was to be expected. I mean, just track down the teaser poster, this was always going to have political overtones.

James DeMonaco is taking on a producer role this time out, and also writing the script. I don't know much about director Gerard McMurray. But I will say that prequels are a step back. Maybe that's my own bias talking, but I hate prequels more than sequels. Its really hard to create tension when you know exactly what comes in the future. Of course those protesting against the Purge in this prequel aren't going to be successful, so why even focus on that?

But perhaps he'll do something fun and crazy this time, we'll see.

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