Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer

Here's the first big trailer for "Solo: A Star Wars Story." I have to say, all the problems that we've heard around the production of this film, the trailer looks much better than expected. Do you find it strange that I am more excited for the anthology stories Disney is doing with "Star Wars" instead of the actual saga itself? I mean, of all the modern "Star Wars" movies made so far, my favorite has been "Rogue One." Yes, its true, I can't explain or even fathom the joy I get watching that movie. With this "Solo" trailer, I get the vibe that this will have more in common with "Rogue One" rather than the other "Star Wars" movies, which is fine by me.

It's also looking like the worst fear I had with "Solo" ends up being false. It doesn't look like Ron Howard took this in a safe direction. It doesn't look like this movie will be a check list of Han Solo's life. This looks like a mere random story. I don't want that to sound bad or like an after thought. I love that idea. I like mystique intact with heroes I love. I don't need every single detail explained away. I don't need pages and pages of backstory. I like that these seems pretty centralized and they aren't cramming a bunch of story threads into one film.

Plus, Western style music in a "Star Wars" trailer is something I'd never thought I would see. But I kinda love it.

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