Monday, April 9, 2018

Review: "The Titan" is another forgettable Netflix film

The Titan Review

Netflix has been really astounding. Because what could have been a way of really revolutionizing entertainment, has just become a source for studios to dump their straight-to-DVD quality somewhere where they won't lose money. Make no mistake, most of the movies released on Netflix are simply straight-to-DVD movies with some big stars in them. They aren't making movies for monetary gain, they are making movies for video views. It doesn't matter if the audience likes a movie or not, they will just justify that it was a success depending on how many people decided to watch it. Sure, sometimes they get lucky with a movie, but most times its the same result.

"The Titan" actually has a cool idea. The world is beginning to suffer from overpopulation and global distress and the world is coming together to figure out what to do next. The government looks to the Saturn moon Titan, which apparently has the most livable habitat based on their research. They begin finding individuals who can live on Titan's tough conditions in order to make the world habitable for everyone else. It's a cool idea, something that feels relevant today. I sometimes truly wonder if we are on our last limbs on this planet, and I wonder what the world will do if they have time to save us and how they approach that. Its something that keeps coming up in movies, and it doesn't seem like its going away. That doesn't mean we get lazy with the idea though.

The leader of this government organization that starts recruiting individuals is played by Tom Wilkinson, one of the men he recruits is Rick, played by Sam Worthington. Taylor Schilling and Noah Lupe and Nathalie Emmanuel all make appearances too. So like many Netflix original movies, its got a stellar cast of well-known actors. Too bad none of these fine actors are playing characters, they are types. Wilkinson should have been twirling a mustache. Worthington is his usual blank, Schilling is a typical concerned wife. There is no inspiration or emotion in anything that they do.

The rest of the movie itself is a strange "The Experiment" meets "The Fly" where the recruits are experimented on and they begin changing into blue aliens. The government begins fearing what they created, hunts down their creations and begins to kill them. It's so painfully mediocre, so profoundly predictable, that I really just didn't know what the point of any of this was. There was a chance to make something unique here, and they squandered that completely.

But if you click on this and watch the movie, you will give Netflix the idea to make a sequel. So go them, I guess.


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