Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Incredibles 2 Second Trailer

I think its safe to say that "The Incredibles" is without a doubt, my favorite Pixar movie.

Yes, I am a superhero fanatic, so that certainly helps. But I really loved how clever the approach to the superhero genre that Brad Bird made. There was certainly a set-up for sequels, but I never felt like I needed a sequel, Brad Bird did so well the first time around that I didn't know if he could even come close to outdoing himself.

Then a decade passed. Then more than a decade passed. I figured a sequel was out of reach. Brad Bird was doing a host of different things. None of the sequels, other than the "Toy Story" sequels, that Pixar has made have been very good, so I thought maybe it was good to leave good-enough alone. But alas, in 2018, "Incredibles 2" is coming. Looking deeper into the movie, it looks like more of the same. Except different...

Just seems to me that this is going to be the exact same story from the first film, but with Mrs. Incredible front and center. But who knows. Brad Bird is a very smart, clever filmmaker. Maybe he's got something we aren't expecting up his sleeve. Here's to hoping. I'd love two "Incredibles" movies that are both brilliant.

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