Sunday, April 15, 2018

Heroes vs. Villains March Madness. And The Winner Is..

Well this fourth edition of March Madness: Heroes Vs. Villains was full of surprises. Not just because of upsets, because those happen every year. No, the reining champion got knocked off his pedestal. The first three editions of this, Batman was won for the movie heroes. But this year, something happened. Batman was defeated. Only by a mere few votes, but a defeat it is. The winner of this years March Madness: Heroes vs. Villains is...

Yep, we've got a brand new champion. Her name is Shuri, from "Black Panther" fame. Just goes to show that the movie is freaking titan of a creation right now. There is a reason why its shattering so many records right now, and this is just another record it has topped. Good for Shuri, we have a brand new champion.

In the beginning, Shuri ranked seventh among the Movie Heroes. Batman took the first seed as the reining champion, followed by Rey of "Star Wars," Harry Callahan, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, and Ferris Bueller ranking higher than her. Not only that, but there was some stiff competition this year featuring Eggsy from "Kingsman: The Secret Service," Moana and even Andy from "The Shawshank Redemption." Not to mention all the competition in the three remaining brackets. It was going to be another crazy year.

As the contestants began to dwindle, Shuri remained very strong, getting past her stiffest competition with a genuine amount of ease. I will even admit something, no matter how big "Black Panther" has been, I didn't expect her to advance past Batman. I mean, he's been the three-time champion of this, going against would could have easily been a "flavor of the week" type character. As "Black Panther" grew in popularity, it was pretty clear that Shuri was going to make a statement, and that she was becoming a real competitor. She only one by a few votes, but she still defeated Batman, to represent the movie heroes in the final four.

The next big battle was against Arya Stark. She represented the TV Heroes last year, and she once again did this year. As popular as "Black Panther" was, could it compete against the juggernaut that is "Game of Thrones?" The answer is clearly a yes, because Shuri advanced over her, still managing to steal enough of the votes in order to get there.

Then, Shuri became the last hero standing, and she was going against the most perfect rival, Erik Killmonger, from the exact same movie as her had rose through the ranks of all the villains on his side of the bracket. It could not have ended up more perfect than this. Again, the voting was slim, because there are many in the world who DON'T consider Erik Killmonger a villain, so I was definitely surprised when Shuri ended up on top. It was incredibly close the last three votes, but Shuri still ended up the victor.

Thanks so much for voting and participating, folks. Your the reason why I decided to come up with these funny, weird match-ups, keep close eyes on the votes, and brainstorm who goes where every year. It takes a lot of work from me, and I don't know if I would go ahead with it unless there was at least one person enjoying it. It looks like many more besides one person is enjoying this, so again, thank you for your participation. We'll see you back here next year!

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