Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Have You Ever Been Indifferent About A Movie?

This was originally going to be a review of "I Kill Giants."

Reading the synopsis for the movie, it sure sounded promising. Something fun and vibrant. Then it turned out to be a more somber version of "A Monster Calls."

I am so indifferent about a movie that I honestly don't even know what to say about it, and this is the type of movie I hate the most. If I can't articulate my feelings on something, whether those feelings are good or bad, that's the type of movie that's a real failure to me. After all, even movies I downright hate or have no interest in seeing feature a few things that I recognize as good or that I like. I like to be able to write down and contextualize why I like or dislike something. If a movie is so painfully plain that I can't write about it, those are the experiences that are the most frustrating.

Have any of you ever had a situation like this? Maybe not in movies but shows, books or even a dish at a restaurant?

Fire off in the comments below.

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