Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Full Venom Trailer

So, the first full trailer for "Venom" has hit. There's things that I like and dislike about it. One thing is for sure though, I really like that we finally have seen Venom in full force. They blew that with the first trailer.

Look, it seems like Tom Hardy is game to play Eddy Brock. He looks really good in the trailer, playing a typical asshole reporter and giving him life and depth. Hardy excels at this type of stuff, he's always been a great actor. No question. I don't know if he's providing the voice for the Venom part of his personality, but I like the voice. It seems to fit the theme of the story. There are moments in this trailer that are borderline scary, and there are some creepy atmospheric moments in the trailer that I really dug. I've liked Riz Ahmed ever since "The Night Of" from HBO, and I am glad that he is appearing in several blockbusters suddenly, because he certainly deserves it.

My point of view gets jumbled when I think of how Venom fits into a solo movie without Spider-Man. Yes, I've heard the rumors that Tom Holland apparently will cameo in the movie. But that is a rumor, a salty rumor, nothing concrete about it. It seems like story-wise there is going to be an awful lot of silly fan fiction for the sake of fan fiction.

But if the movie ends up being so good, I possibly won't care. I have to say though that I thought that the "strings" of symbiot coming out Hardy's arms and back was kind of lame. I don't get why actors are given masks if said actors barely wear those masks in superhero movies because the said actors like showing off their faces. If there is anything I can say for "Deadpool," its that I like that Deadpool actually looked like Deadpool all movie long.

I also kind of feel Venom should have been A LOT bulkier.

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