Friday, March 16, 2018

The Final "Avengers: Infinity War" trailer

It's been an interesting month regarding this movie. First Robert Downey Jr had a heyday on Twitter and he revealed along with Marvel Studios that "Avengers: Infinity War" will be released on April 26th instead of in May. Essentially its getting released worldwide on the same freaking day. That put me on cloud nine. Then this morning, we get the final big look at the movie before release, and once again, its a hell of a look.

Here's some thoughts:

-Those complaining about Thanos not wearing his helmet need not worry anymore. There are several moments of Thanos in his helmet and his familiar attire. It also looks like there is going to be some backstory on Thanos. I don't think he'll fall prey to the usual trouble with Marvel villains in film. I think they'll try to make him count as a villain, which will only make the movie better.

-Whatever battle is spiraling out of control in Wakanda is probably going to be amazing.

-Despite both being absent from all advertising, please don't fret, Hawkeye and Ant-Man are both set to return for this film.

-There is a side mission in the movie involving Thor, Teenage Groot and Rocket and I can't wait.

-Pretty sure Bruce Banner is inside the Hulkbuster armor and not Tony.

-Looks like there will be two big battles, one in space with Tony, Spidey, Doctor Strange and Star-Lord and one in Wakanda. Even though it wasn't introduced in "Black Panther," I have a hunch that the final Infinity Stone, aka the Soul Stone, is in Wakanda somewhere.

- Did Loki betray Thor, or save him by giving Thanos the Space Stone. And HOLY CRAP, Thanos crushed the Tessaract to get to the Space Stone.

- In the first trailer, Thanos punched out Iron Man in his armor. In this second trailer Steve Rogers (purposely not going by Captain America in this movie) catches Thanos' hand, in the gauntlet, WITH TWO INFINITY STONES INSERTED...and still catches Thanos' hand? Thanos himself looks shocked. Has Steve been tampering with something to give him more power?

I've been waiting ten years for this, I can't wait!

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