Sunday, March 25, 2018

March Madness: Heroes vs Villains Four, round three

Sorry to be a day late, let's get right into this.

On the heroes side of things, there were some big surprises. Batman just barely defeated Marion Ravenwood, and Iron Man edged out Wonder Woman by only a mere few votes. They will face each other in the next round. Ferris Bueller took out Harry Callahan, and in a crazy chain of events, Shuri of "Black Panther "took out Rey of "Star Wars." Again, Shuri only won by a mere three votes, but hey, there's a reason why "Black Panther" is the top movie in America right now. For TV heroes, Arya Stark advances over Jessica Jones. Rick Sanchez edged out Daisy Johnson. Eleven defeated Worf and Rick Grimes took out Agent Dale Cooper.

For the villains side of the bracket, Saruman advances over Auric Goldfinger. Leatherface beat Regina George. Jafar loses to Erik Killmonger. And Kylo Ren was apparently just too powerful a Sith for Pennywise The Dancing Clown. For the TV villains, Lecter killed Killgrave. Simon just barely defeated Claire Underwood. The Borg surprisingly defeated Stringer Bell. Aunt Lydia got annihilated by The Night's King.

I meant to write this up last night, so I apologize for that. Because of this, this voting round will go until March 30th instead of March 29th. You can email me who you want to see advance or leave a comment in the section below.

Movie Heroes (Top Left Bracket)
Batman (1) vs. Iron Man (5)
Ferris Bueller (6) vs. Shuri (7)

TV Heroes (Bottom Left Bracket)
Arya Stark (1) vs. Rick Sanchez (12)
Eleven (11) vs. Rick Grimes (10)

Movie Villains (Top Right Bracket)
Saruman (1) vs. Leatherface (5)
Erik Killmonger (3) vs. Kylo Ren (2)

TV Villains (Bottom Right Bracket)
Dr. Hannibal Lecter (1) vs. Simon (4)
The Borg (11) vs. The Night's King (2)

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