Wednesday, March 21, 2018

March Madness: Heroes vs Villains Four, Sweet Sixteen

Well, the first batch of voting is in. There have already been some big match-ups and now we are moving into the Sweet Sixteen. On the heroes side, Batman advances over Andy Dufrescne, Marion Ravenwood edged out over Caesar. Iron Man beat El, Wonder Woman beat Captain John Miller, Ferris Bueller beat Aslan, Harry Callahan just edges out Luke Hobbs, Shuri beat Eggsy and Rey beat Moana. For TV heroes, Arya Stark beat Jack Pearson, Jessica Jones took out Emma Peele, Rick Sanchez beats out Offred, Daisy Jonhson beats Steve Austin, Eleven beats Coach Taylor narrowly, Worf beats Cap. Ray Holt, Rick Grimes beats Olivia Pope and Agent Dale Cooper beats Black Lightening.

On the villain side of things Saruman beats Biff Tannen, Auric Goldfinger beats Alex Forrest, Leatherface narrowly escapes Dolores Umbridge, Regina George beats Nurse Rached, Jafar beats HAL 9000, Erik Killmonger advances over Anne Wilkes, Pennywise advances over Patrick Bateman and Kylo Ren defeats Ivan Drago. On the TV side of things, Dr. Hannibal Lecter beats the Christmas Critters, Killgrave beats The Penguin, Claire Underwood beats Amanda Woodward, Simon beats Clay Marrow, The Borg beats Killer Bob, Stringer Bell beats Damien Darhk, Aunt Lydia beat J.R. Ewing, and The Night's King destroyed Al Swearengen.

The following match-ups are as followed. Voting begins tonight and will continue until March 24th. You can email me your votes or comment on the comment section below.

Movie Heroes (Top Left Bracket)

Batman (1) vs. Marion Ravenwood (9)
Iron Man (5) vs. Wonder Woman (4)
Ferris Bueller (6) vs. Harry Callahan (3)
Shuri (7) vs. Rey (2)

TV HEROES (Bottom Left Bracket)
Arya Stark (1) vs. Jessica Jones (8)
Rick Sanchez (12) vs. Daisy Johnson (13)
Eleven (11) vs. Worf (3)
Rick Grimes (10) vs. Agent Dale Cooper (2)

Movie Villains (Top Right Bracket)
Saruman (1) vs. Auric Goldfinger (8)
Leatherface (5) vs. Regina George (13)
Jafar (6) vs. Erik Killmonger (3)
Pennywise (7) vs. Kylo Ren (2)

TV Villains (Bottom Right Bracket)
Dr. Hannibal Lecter (1) vs. Killgrave (8)
Claire Underwood (5) vs. Simon (4)
The Borg (11) vs. Stringer Bell (3)
Aunt Lydia (7) vs. The Nights King (2)

Have fun voting!

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