Monday, February 5, 2018

Death Wish Red-Band "Grindhouse'' trailer

Okay, I may not be crazy about this movie. But that was AWESOME trailer. Seriously, I wish more trailers looked like this.

Despite the flashy trailer, I don't think this will even come close to touching the original film. "Death Wish" in the 1970's basically gave birth to the mainstream revenge movie. After so many movies in this little sub-genre, I don't know what Eli Roth can bring to the table that makes this remake relevant.

Well, actually that's not true. I could see them tying the film to the uneasy gun laws we have in our country. About how many cops seem to be getting away with murdering black teenagers instead of doing their jobs. About the radical divide that I am starting to see more and more in this beloved country of mine. About how the criminal landscape has changed, but its still just as dangerous. All of those avenues would be worthwhile for a remake. The original "Death Wish" was partially a social commentary as much as it was a revenge movie.

I have a feeling that Eli Roth isn't interested in that aspect though. He loves the blood-spatter, the gore, the guts everywhere. I mean just take a look at the kill in the trailer at the car shop. This is going to be unnecessarily violent, because that's all Roth likes to really do. I'll be shocked if this movie has a deeper meaning than its surface, which is sad, because it completely misses the point of the original.

But hey, cool trailer, Eli!

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