Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Final "Bright" Trailer

If there is one movie I've been immersed in this year, surprisingly enough to you, it's been David Ayer's "Bright."

I read a few scoop pieces in 2016 about how Ayers was going to regroup with Will Smith from "Suicide Squad" and they were going to make some kind of "fantasy cop movie." Sounded a little weird, a little cheesy and even a little bit fascinating at the same time. During the Super Bowl this year, we saw that small spot, not giving much away. I have to admit, I was intrigued. I started paying closer attention to "Bright," this fantasy cop movie that Ayers was making. I even got my hands on a script for the movie, it was the first script review I ever wrote for my site here. I have to admit, I enjoyed what I read. I plan to give it one more look before next weekend, but I did enjoy what I read.

What "Bright" could be is the first streaming franchise. There is a juicy hook for a sequel at the end the script, and I am hoping the script hasn't changed much. Ayers did say in a recent interview that he really liked working for Netflix, and that they allowed him to make the movie he wanted to make. Sure, he took a little jab at Warner Brothers, but that interview gives me hope that there is no middle party muddying up a good script. Now I can't wait for the finished result. Heck, I even like Will Smith's Big Willie Style persona here. Also since I think Ayers got Smith to give one his best performances in awhile, I have faith.

This hits Netflix next weekend, I am dying to take a look at it.

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