Thursday, November 30, 2017

TV Review: "The Inhumans" (The Last Five Episodes)




I am beginning to notice something about myself. When it comes to TV shows, if the show doesn't really grab me in the first few episodes, its really hard for me to get into the show. No matter how much of a fanboy I am before hand. I have yet to finish the first season of "Iron Fist" on Netflix, and even though its a Marvel property, it's snail pace move and its wooden characters kept me from finishing and as I watched "The Defenders" at the end of the summer, it felt like it didn't matter. We are living in the Golden Era of television still, and the playing field is beyond competitive. I don't have time to waste on a shitty show, not when there is so much potentially great stuff I could be watching instead.

I meant to start reviewing one episode of "The Inhumans" a week, like I do with "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." but I just couldn't. "The Inhumans" is, without a doubt, in my mind, the worst of the Marvel television shows. As the last five episodes played out, I sat on my couch very confused, very baffled and very letdown. What a big waste of a golden opportunity. Here was ABC's opportunity to make more sense of the Inhuman storylines from "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." Here was their chance to make something much more outside the box. It was an ambitious idea to opt out of making an "Inhumans" movie and making their debut on television. But they are so far off course that it is mind-numbing. All my complaints from the first few episodes were only heightened in the last five. A story that could have been told in perhaps four episodes is spread thin beyond breaking point. Beyond that, it just gives us more time to hang out on an ugly set, with actors who can't act in service of a story that mostly goes nowhere.

I feel bad saying this, but I am really trying to think of some redeeming qualities. I really am. I just can't think of any. How could a performance by Iwan Rheon go so disasterously off-course? How could they turn Black Bolt into such a non-character? How could they make Attilan so visually uninteresting? How could they run around in circles in these last five episodes, making the same highlights and the same points over and over again?

Even the other Marvel shows I wasn't too crazy about had some redeeming qualities. In "Iron Fist," at least there was some fun episodes and David Wenham had some fun hamming it up as a villain. At least "The Defenders" had Sigourney Weaver and the team had some good chemistry, even if the scripts nearly made them stiff by design. At least in "The Punisher," there were times when Jon Bernthal actually resembled The Punisher, and the birth of Jigsaw should lend for some good stories later. I don't see "The Inhumans" can move past this in any significant way. I don't see how they can pitch a new season. I don't see how anybody can see anything positive in this train-wreck of a mess. I don't see how they could make what looks like a 1990's TV show look any more appealing.

"The Inhumans" is the ultimate "coulda, woulda, shoulda" of Marvel entertainment, and ABC made all the wrong decisions, right to left. What could have saved these last few episodes would be more Lockjaw, but we barely see him and it left me feeling cold. The story doesn't improve in the end, the characters don't improve, the actors don't improve. It felt like watching the sequel to David Lynch's "Dune." And the show featured possibly the most unexciting "season finale" in any superhero show ever. I can't remember the last episode of anything feeling so goddamn bland.

I hope that Marvel is taking a long look at fan reaction to its television arm this year, because it's been pretty mediocre. I still have to push through "The Runaways," and "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." starts tomorrow (AKA the only reason why I decided to finish this season) and I hope Marvel can win back some good graces. But one thing is for sure, it really feels like this might be our one and only trip to Attilan. Fox's Marvel shows are blowing Disney Marvel out of the water this year, and I hope they have a solid plan to get back in the game next year. They need one badly.

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