Monday, November 20, 2017

Rampage Trailer

I always knew that The Rock would be destined for great things as an action star. Funny too, since for a long while in his acting career, he didn't do lots of action. I get it why, I know lots of people fear being type cast or adopting a certain persona that you can't get out of. The problem is that he went so far in the other direction that he became a joke. Lots of the kiddy stuff he did wasn't funny nor was it particularly good, and I am glad that he finally returned where he belonged, in the action movie arena. I have enjoyed The Rock's turn in "The Fast and Furious" franchise. I have really enjoyed his presents in a lot of the other action oriented stuff he has been doing. Even though it's not an action show, The Rock is really good on HBO's "Ballers," a show everyone should check out.

Just because it feels like The Rock is back home doesn't mean everything he is going to do is going to be great. I am a little hesitant for when "Rampage" gets released. What looks like a fairly typical monster movie is actually based on a video game. A video game that my brother use to play frequently on our Nintendo 64. I also had a game boy version of the game too. The movie being set in Chicago is no random movie setting. The first place you destroyed in the video game were cities in Illinois and you do attack Chicago. One of the first cities you destroy was Peoria, and since we are from Peoria, we made a big deal about that. The game was simple, you chose a monster, between a giant gorilla, a giant wolf or a giant lizard and you destroyed cities. That was basically it, so that didn't leave lots of room for crafting a story.

The video game is getting adapted into a movie and it seems like they are going the most generic way possible in explaining how three animals became huge monsters. I suppose I would have thought this was cool back when I loved playing the game. But after many recent years of CGI things destroying cities, this just looks like more of the same.

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