Monday, October 9, 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

I don't mean to be a pessimist here, but what's going on with this new trilogy of "Star Wars" films?

Now, if you dig back through my blogs and read my original "The Force Awakens" review, I did write a raving review for it. I do stand by that review. I think its a fun movie, a great movie, a reminder of why I fell in love with "Star Wars" in the first place. I think it has one major flaw that can't stop nagging at me, no matter how I try to look past it. I think it leans WAY TOO HEAVILY on the backbones of "A New Hope." You could set up two television sets right next to each other, play "The Force Awakens" on one TV, and "A New Hope" on the other, and completely forget which one is which. I was hoping that when Disney bought LucasFilm, that when they decided to bring "Star Wars" back to the big screen, that they had something fun up their sleeve. I think what saves "The Force Awakens" from being a full-fledged remake is the new characters and their compelling story threads.

I took a look at the first full trailer for "The Last Jedi," AKA "Star Wars: Episode Eight" and once again, all I could think about was "Empire Strikes Back Redux." You know how Luke goes and meets Yoda and begins his Jedi training in "Empire Strikes Back?" Well, with "The Last Jedi," it looks like we can replace Yoda with Luke and Luke with Rey. You remember how The Empire got ahead and laid a massive blow on the Rebel Alliance in "Empire?" Well, how is that any different from the imagery in this trailer? Instead of icy Hoth, we get a massive fight on a desert planet, but it looks exactly like the battle of Hoth, even featuring a new version of Imperial Walkers. I think its safe to guess that Rey will learn her heritage. I think its safe to guess that Leia will die by the end of the film, maybe even Luke too.

The thing that interests me in this trailer is the back-and-forth between Rey and Kylo. Rey asks someone off-camera to help her find her place. Then Kylo reaches out to her, as if to have her grab his hand. What is that about? What does that mean?

Also, what's with all the cute animals in this trailer? Its a little too much.

Hopefully we can get some good answers this winter, and hopefully we will get a movie that, you know, we haven't seen yet. Many authors and artists have tackled "Star Wars" lore already, and they have done great jobs with it. Why would Disney just decided to remake a bunch of movies when given the opportunity to really shake things up??

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