Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Latest Three Minute Plus "Justice League" trailer

So, despite my feelings towards "Batman vs Superman," I have to say that I am intrigued by "Justice League" and I hope to God its good.

I think this trailer looks great!

Something tells me Aquaman is going to emerge as the favorite after this movie. Just a hunch I have at the moment.

I think even the biggest DC naysayers will agree that this deserves at least a look. Maybe its because I personally don't choose sides in the immature "DC vs MARVEL" albatross that sadly still rages on YouTube videos everywhere. Maybe its because I did enjoy "Man of Steel" and "Wonder Woman," so WB has been half successful with universe building so far, I have hope they will improve. Maybe its because I am superhero crazy and I am excited to see how DC does with a team movie, one that features some of the oldest superheroes to date. I don't want WB to fail, I never have. I want to love this.

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