Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Tomb Raider Trailer

Last night, I teased the upcoming trailer for "Tomb Raider" with the official release of the film's poster. The poster was fine I guess. It's a typical, generic, adventure movie poster. I said last night that I would decide whether or not I'd be interested in this until I saw the trailer tonight. I didn't have a chance due to my busy work day today to sit down and watch it now. So, what did I think of the trailer?

I generally love the type of movie of someone going on an Indiana Jones style adventure. I like hunting for artifact type movies. I love heroes on a mission type movies. This looks to be that type of movie. I think Alicia Vikander is a better actress compared to Jolie (sorry!) and she seems more than game about playing this character, and doing something slightly different than what we saw with Jolie. We have Dominic West as her father. We have Walton Goggins as the film's villain, and you can't go wrong when Walton Goggins as your villain. I like that Nick Frost will be playing an arms dealer, and I hope he's not a quick cameo. We shall see.

The trailer itself looks very effects heavy. But I shouldn't be surprised. This is, after all, based upon a video game. There are going to be some effects. I just hope that they don't drown out the movie. I hope they feel practical and not artificial. Overall, it doesn't look like a total shit-show like the first two Lara Croft movies. However, for whatever reason, video game movies always turn out to be shit, so hopefully Vikander and all her collaborators can cure the curse.

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