Thursday, September 28, 2017

Annihilation Trailer

In 2015, I named "Ex Machina" as one of my favorite films of that year. I recently rewatched it on Amazon Prime a few months ago, and that love hasn't waned a bit. Its a beautiful movie. A movie that does a tremendous job blending cutting-edge special effects with a relevant, believable story in a not-to-distant future. That's never an easy feat to accomplish, and writer and director Alex Garland made it look so easy. The film ended up winning the Best Special Effects Oscar in 2016, something I found to be a pleasant surprise.

"Ex Machina" put Alex Garland on my radar, and next year he's got another movie coming. This new film is based upon a popular novel by Jeff VanderMeer, a book I may just have to get my hands on before the Garland's new movie comes out. The movie is called "Annihilation" and looks to be another inspired, adult science-fiction film from Garland.

The marketing accomplishes exactly what good marketing should do. This teaser trailer teases. It shows us enough footage to get excited, enough whispers to want to be drawn to this story, but we don't get the whole movie in one trailer. You'd be surprised just how often that happens. The film reunites Garland with actor Oscar Isaac, who starred in "Ex Machina." But it appears that Natalie Portman will be the lead her. Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tessa Thompson, Gina Rodriguez and Benedict Wong also star.

The trailer looks good to me, check it out.

Like I said, we don't get much of a story here. You'd have to go to the film's Wikipedia page in order to really get a grasp on what this is about. I like all the talent involved and the movie is once again strikingly beautiful. I look forward to this.

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