Monday, August 7, 2017

Review: "Message From The King" is a slight yet bloodthirsty revenge flick

Message From The King Review
Have you ever wondered what it would look like if Black Panther got his revenge on Bucky Barnes in "Captain America: Civil War?" Well Netflix's new "Message From The King" may hold the answers. Okay, I don't want to overhype this, but perhaps it can offer a fictional path to those answers. "Message From The King" stars Chadwick Boseman, who plays Black Panther in the Marvel movies. In "Message From The King," he plays a South African man who flies into Los Angeles to see how his sister is doing in America. The accent he has is so identical to the Wakandan accent he made for himself that it nearly took me out of the film. Sometimes I wanted to laugh, other times I was engulfed in the film.

As my headline would reveal, this is a revenge flick. So when Jacob King (Boseman) gets to America he finds his sister dead. He does some investigation and research and he discovers that his sister may not have been as innocent as he remembers in South Africa. Still, he loves his sister very much and he starts going around, extracting revenge on those who involved in the murdering of his sister. That's as simple as a revenge flick can get, and honestly its as simple as they should get. One of the strengths of "Message From The King" is how straight forward it is. Revenge films don't work when they are complicated. Even though Quentin Tarantino puts his unique spin on revenge movies, he always remembers that. This is not a convoluted or disjointed movie, and the film greatly benefits from that.

I think Chadwick Boseman is tailor made to become an action hero. Much like Bruce Willis, he has enough talent to venture into any genre he pleases. Its pretty awesome watching him push through the bad guys. I like that the movie tries to not be a conventional revenge flick. The film is supported by a lovely group of supporting actors, including Teresa Palmer, Alfred Molina, Luke Evans and Tom Felton. But the movie is fairly boring and ordinary. The film tries hard to be different from the rest of the revenge herd. But there are still so many parts of this movie that feel like its going through the motions that its hard to give myself up to it completely.

But hey, Black Panther going all B.A. on bad guys maybe enough to sway your opinion on this one.


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