Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Pennywise Spanish trailer

In order for "IT" to be successful this fall, two things have to be perfect:

1. The chemistry between the Losers Club
2. Pennywise

Not in that order per se, but both of those things have to be perfect in order for this adaptation to work. I remember viewing the original ABC mini-series for the first time. I remember being scared of Tim Curry at the time, but the kids were well cast and well written that you were absorbed into what was happening to them. I would eventually collect the original mini-series just to re-watch how well the children made the thing come together, even if Pennywise doesn't freak me out like he used to.

After three whole trailers for the new "IT" movie, we have barely heard Pennywise utter a noise. I always liked that. I like that they are keeping him so tightly under wraps. However, a Spanish trailer gave us some of our first real speech coming out of Pennywise's mouth. I think its creepy enough to carry the whole movie.

I think Bill Skarsgaard's voice is creepy enough with more wriggle room to really make something out of the character. Still, this trailer doesn't give us much to see, and I am hoping it remains that way. We don't have much time left before release, and I hope they have many surprises until release!

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