Monday, August 21, 2017

Little Evil Trailer

Did you ever see "Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil"

It was a horror comedy from 2010 directed by Eli Craig and also written by Craig along with Morgan Jurgenson. It was pretty popular when it was released in 2010 and now has a quasi-cult following, quasi-popular following on Netflix. I loved the movie. It has both big horror moments and very laugh-out-loud moments. It was as very strong first film for Eli Craig.

Eli Craig is returning, to none other than Netflix I might add, for another horror comedy. This one is called "Little Evil" and it seems to be a slight parody of "The Omen." A father marries the girl of his dreams, and tries to bond with his new stepson. When the stepson starts to show strange behavior, he asks his new wife about it, who tells him he was conceived when she belonged to a doomsday cult.

The movie will star Adam Scott, Evangeline Lilly, Clancy Brown, Donald Faison and Tyler Labine. Labine was also in "Tucker and Dale vs. Evil."

There is definitely some riffs on "Poltergeist" and what looks to be "The Orphanage" or "Trick'R'Treat." But it looks pretty darn funny. Craig maybe a great new voice coming into the fold, and that's always exciting.

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