Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What "Easter Eggs" can you find in the new Dark Tower Promo?

One thing that made Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series fun to read was how it connected nearly all of King's previous and future work together. As I read new material from King, I always keep a close eye on every detail, just to see if I can find clues that tie it back to "The Dark Tower." It always makes me a little more excited to see what King does next. Because whether its a big way or in a subtle way, if you have King books in your home, they probably connect somehow back to the dark tower.

We saw a little of that in the first trailer. We saw the photo of the Overlook Hotel in the doctor's office of where Jake was speaking. We also see him come across an abandoned circus that clearly says Pennywise, which references a certain clown we'll see in another King adaptation later this year. But we just couldn't tell the extent of this. Well, the new promo released this year is not shy about the many connections to other works by Stephen King. Just take a look yourself.

We see the photograph of the Overlook again, we see the abandoned circus again. But we also see a woman walking a Saint Bernard dog, which is a direct reference to "Cujo," about a dog that got rabies. There are also twins, which apparently connect back to "The Shining," even though there were not twins in the original book, they became quite popular from the movie. The Rita Hayworth poster from "The Shawshank Redemption" is visible in the trailer. The number 19 is important in several of King's works, especially in the first Dark Tower book, and is widely represented here. There is someone playing with the possessed car from "Christine." The book from "Misery" is seen, as well as a clue from "Mr. Mercedes." I think I found them all.

While I like that they are able to connect this work to the greater King mythology, that doesn't automatically make the movie good. I am still very much on the fence of whether or not to get excited for this. I think a sequel to the franchise is just a cheap way of just doing whatever they want with the iconography here. I would have rather seen a straight up adaptation. I am hoping and praying this works, but taking The Dark Tower and making a familiar, tit-for-tat, action movie out the story is lazy and not what the books represented at all. I am praying they have something very special planned since this is a sequel to the books.

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