Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Disaster Artist Teaser Trailer

This could very well be the best movie of the year. It has the absolute potential. 

I have been wildly curious about this movie ever since I started reading about it last year. If you know your cult classic movies, if you know your comedies, and if you have a love for seeking out the worst of the worst movies to see to believe, then you've probably heard of Tommy Wiseau's "The Room." "The Room" has been dubbed the "Citizen Kane of Bad Movies." Its been called one of the worst movies ever made. Yet, people can't deny the power of his awkwardness. "The Room" is a simple story. A man who is dedicated to his girlfriend is blindsided that she is cheating on him with his best friend. Plenty of room for intensity and depth. But Tommy Wiseau made something terrible. There are several logic and narrative flaws, it feels like your watching a soap opera on TV, except worse, the acting is bad, entire subplots go nowhere, I could on and on. Yes, "The Room" is terrible, but its a fascinating kind of terrible. I have not seen too many movies that were so bad, they are funny, but "The Room" is so bad its funny. That's why it grew in the oddball popularity it has. Tommy Wiseau not only wrote and directed the film, but he was the lead star, and his performance is so one-of-a-kind strange that you have to see it to believe.

I mean, just see this to believe it.

And remember, this was supposed to be a serious drama.

Apparently, the story of how "The Room" got made is just as fascinating as the film itself. Tommy Wiseau's co-star Greg Sestero wrote a non-fiction book called "The Disaster Artist," which was about Greg Sestero's experience making "The Room" and his unlikely, weird relationship with Tommy Wiseau. The book is finally being adapted into a movie. James Franco will portray Tommy Wiseau and his younger brother David Franco will portray Greg Sestero.

I have normally been weary standing in James Franco's corner. For much of his early career, I was not a big fan of his. There have been good points in his career, and when he's making comedies and playing silly goofs (Saul from "The Pineapple Express" comes to mind) that's usually my favorite work. I am hoping Franco really hams it up as Tommy Wiseau, the weirder he chooses to go with this character, the better this movie is going to be. It seems like he's created a crazy Wiseau accent, and he seems to embrace the eccentric personality of Wiseau. Even though the teaser is incredibly short, this could be one of the James Franco's best performances.

"The Disaster Artist" is building a great cast. Josh Hutcherson plays Philip Haldiman; who portrayed Denny in "The Room." Zak Efron plays Dan Janjigian; who portrayed Chris-R in "The Room." Ari Graynor plays Juliette Danielle; who portrays Lisa in "The Room." Jacki Weaver plays Carolyn Minnott; who portrays Claudette in "The Room." If you know the movie, you know that these actors both talent and look-wise will be great in these roles. This could end up being the best thing Zak Efron has ever done. Seth Rogen will play a script supervisor who ended up directing giant chunks of "The Room." Alison Brie will appear as Greg's girlfriend, Sharon Stone will play Greg's agent and Greg Sestero himself will play a casting agent! Bryan Cranston, Kate Upton, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Randall Park, Hannibal Buress, Judd Apatow, J.J. Abrams, Danny McBride, Adam Scott, Kristen Bell, and Keegan Michael-Key are also confirmed to appear.

Even the real Tommy Wiseau will cameo in the film!

As a fan of "The Room" who has been charmed by the innocent stupidity of it. As somebody who gets a kick out of Tommy Wiseau in general. I am dying to see this movie. It looks like this will be a good one!

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