Sunday, July 23, 2017

San Diego Comic-Con Trailers...everywhere!

This weekend was the annual San Diego Comic-Con. As always it was a banter year featuring tons of new information about some coming attractions. Like always, there were trailers. Lots and lots and lots of trailers. Below is literally every and all trailers you would ever want to see from Comic-Con. There is all sorts of stuff you can enjoy here. From movies and TV. I can say that the trailers I liked the most included "Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle," that looks like its going to be a shit-ton of fun! I liked the "Thor 3" trailer, and our first looks at Fenir, Surtur and a talking Hulk was awesome. This doesn't look like the average Hulk movie, and that's exciting. Surprisingly enough, the "Justice League" movie looks awesome. I really enjoyed the footage there. I think "Ready Player One" is going to blow us away when we see it. I am very much looking forward to "The Defenders" on Netflix next month, I am so excited I just might finish "Iron Fist" soon. I also liked the "Stranger Things" season two trailer!

 I think "Bright" could also end up being a big deal for Netflix this Christmas. I read the script and it looks like its going to play pretty close to the script I read. I think I am going to re-read it soon. Its a great script up until the anti-climatic ending, so I hope the ending has cleaned itself up by then. But overall, this should be a big hit in their film department.

 The season eight trailer for "The Walking Dead" looks fine, season seven was fine, this trailer looked fine. I hope its the big bananza it's aiming for. But the show is hit-or-miss these days. "Jigsaw" looks like absolute shit and more of the same. "Pacific Rim: Uprising" looks fine too, but I am not sure that movie needed a sequel, no matter how good I thought it was.

 But, like I said, any trailer you could possibly want to watch is below. Enjoy.

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