Monday, July 10, 2017

Jigsaw Poster

The "Saw" franchise is returning this October with "Jigsaw."

Does anybody honestly care?

You can say what you want about the "Paranormal Activity" franchise but one thing I will always love about that franchise is that it killed "Saw." I loved the first "Saw" movie, simply because it was a slasher film on a level we'd never seen before. The sequels are more of the same. The series eventually just amounts to a contest of how the filmmakers can gross out the audience. How many clever ways can a film crew come up with killing people. None of that is particularly interesting without some substance or character development, so I never ended up caring about the series. There is a certain horror fan that loves the gore, the violence and the interesting killings. And the other horror fans like to actually feel scared.

You know, like a horror film SHOULD do.

I suppose now that the "Paranormal Activity" series is (apparently) done, I suppose Lionsgate thought it was a good time to revive their piggy bank franchise and see how much more money they can squeeze out of this. The thing is, did many people miss the "Saw" franchise. I don't hear people screaming for more "Saw" movies over the years. I didn't hear anybody cry when they stopped making them, so is there still an audience for this franchise? 

I don't get the appeal. I must have missed something. But whether I am ready or not, "Jigsaw" is coming this October.

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