Monday, June 26, 2017

Pitch Perfect 3 trailer

If there was one set of movies that have surprised me the most in recent years, its "Pitch Perfect." I would have never expected to like it. I dragged my feet in watching it. Only watching it one night with the woman who became my wife, and it blew my mind completely. I was flabbergasted because it worked in being funny, romantic, sentimental, and confident in what it was. While I don't think "Pitch Perfect 2" is better than the original, it brought enough spunk to make itself count.

The problem with "Pitch Perfect 2" is that it feels too much like treading water, it has too much in common with the first film. I like that "Pitch Perfect 3" takes the girls out of the college setting. I like that we are going to find out more about their goals and ambitions outside of school. I like that they are challenged between being relevant singers and artists and not just people who imitate famous singers. I think these themes could all play into a sequel that expands on the characters and set up a new challenge for them.

Rebel Wilson is still clearly funny, so there's that.

I'm excited. I never expected to love this series as much as I did. I hope it continues to be good.

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