Thursday, June 29, 2017

Cult of Chucky Trailer

I have seen pretty much all the "Chucky" movies or "Child's Play" if you will. The movies have ranged from good to funny. Some have even been bad. I mean Chucky is brought to life very well by the power of Brad Dourif's voice. I mean, that guy really makes the character. Much like Robert Englund makes Freddy Kruger who he is. Much like Kruger, as you get older, you get less and less afraid of Chucky. Freddy Kruger nor Chucky are particularly frightening to me anymore. I was certainly afraid of Chucky when I was younger. Most children my age when I was younger were afraid of Chucky. Chucky is a doll, dolls are not meant to be threatening. When they are threatening and when they have exaggerated features with creepy orange hair...yikes. Nightmares as a child! All the time! The Talking Tina episode of "The Twilight Zone" always used to give me the willies too. Sheesh!

But now, the Chucky movies are mainly bloody dark comedies. They are not particularly scary, they are mainly just harmless. I don't think "Cult of Chucky" will be particularly scary. I don't think it will end up being one of the years' best films. I am hoping for a fun time, and anything else will be a bonus. I am hoping this goes back to the glory days when this franchise could produce some chills. But those days may have passed. Bard Dourif can still get me excited, he does creepy extraordinarily well. (He was an actor that Tim Burton wanted to cast as The Joker had Jack Nicholson been unavailable. Imagine how horrifying that would have been!) But I think I'll sleep just fine the night I see it.

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