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Thank you "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" for brining back Ghost Rider. Especially since he was brought back solely to that evil bitch, AIDA. Now that's how you bring back an awesome character. Since AIDA in her human-robot-hybrid form was created by The Darkhold, only a being born out of The Darkhold can destroy him. Watching Ghost Rider and AIDA battle made the episode, and they had some awesome back and forth. I loved Ghost Rider in first half of the season, and I was incredibly sad when they took him away. I was so happy to watch him come back and throwdown. I even must say that I kind of wish the entire hour was dedicated to Ghost Rider kicking butt.

The episode seemed to stop cold telling the sub-story lines of Yo-Yo getting Mack out of the Framework and Jemma and Fitz coming to ahead. The Yo-Yo and Mack story was what really dragged the episode though, almost to a point of insanity. It was a storyline that really didn't need to happen. I like that Mack has a love interest, I like Yo-Yo as a character. But please don't make their relationship stop the episode cold. Make it provocative, make it feel real. Everything about it made it feel plastic and unnatural. I am glad that Yo-Yo got Mack back to the real world, I don't know if I could function without Mack on the show, but make their relationship better. Its pretty clear that they are popular characters, why else would we be getting them shoved down our throats? If they are so popular, nurture them. Make them matter.

Jemma and Fitz matter to us. Because when AIDA appears to threaten Jemma so that Fitz will be hers forever, the tension feels natural, it feels real. At this point, we care very much what happens to Jemma and Fitz, so when Jemma is screaming for her life, it was enough to nearly put a lump in my throat. I hated seeing it, hated AIDA almost kill her, hated the show make me think that for one moment, she really was dead. But the LMD reversal was so perfect that I was cheering loudly in my home. Our heroes did some bait-and-switch tactics to cheat our evil villain, and it was one of the most thrilling moments in the entire series, and I am including Coulson AND Fury versus Garret from the season one finale. It was a wonderful moment. 

I loved all the Ghost Rider versus AIDA stuff, I thought the Mack getting freed from The Framework a little tepid, I hope for season five they strengthen Yo-Yo as a character. The Fitz and Jemma material was unexpectedly sweet. I didn't like that Ghost Rider just disappeared again after killing AIDA, but I have a feeling we will see him pop in from time to time. It felt by the end of the episode, we'd actually have a happy ending. Then our characters were abducted by strange men in the shadows. When we see Coulson again, he takes a look out the window, talking about getting to work. Except he's not on Earth anymore, he's floating in space on some kind of space station.

What does the space station mean? Did SHIELD create their space sister group? Or does it have something to do with "The Inhumans" show coming this fall? There was a tease for the show during the credits of the episode. We don't see much at all, but we hear people talking. I especially heard the voice of Iwan Rheon, because I'd know the voice of Ramsey Bolton anywhere. I can't wait to see some actual footage from the show. "The Inhumans" will have eight episodes this fall before "Agents of SHIELD" begins its fifth season this fall, so I wonder if their content will feed off of each other? Only time will tell, but I have to say I am curious as to why our heroes are in space.

Overall, season four worked better than I thought. I can forgive Ghost Rider "dying" and disappearing for most of the season after how awesome the finale was. The LMD content was hit or miss, but the "What If" "AGENTS OF HYDRA" storyline was better than I thought, and it created some of the best episodes of the show so far. Thank God that this show survived the 10PM death trap, because we could have a really good fifth season up ahead.

What did everyone else think?

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