Tuesday, May 2, 2017





 Well, the good news is that our heroes are finally out of the Framework

The bad news is that Aida now has a (somewhat) human body and is walking around in the real world now.

But everything in this story line has come to a head. Radcliffe is beginning his redemption arc, Fitz is snapping out of his evil funk in The Framework. Every body is exiting The Framework and headed back to the real world. Except for Mack who seems to want to stay in order to stay with his daughter. A person he doesn't talk about in the real world. But with Aida now in the real world too, and Coulson's old nemesis still running around on his submarine, ready for a final showdown, this might be a season that doesn't run out of gas early, then limps to the finish. With only two episodes left, there is still plenty of room for a bombastic finish to a story that actually was better  than I could have ever given it credit for. There is still enough surprises that will keep us guessing as an audience.

What surprises you ask? Well, once our fearless heroes escape The Framework, real world Aida appears, and she continues to try and swoon Fitz. (Apparently, Aida was in love ever since the middle of the season.) She grabs him, and before May can take the killshot, they disappear. I am pretty sure that Aida is taking Fitz back to The Framework so they can be together. While I can understand why Mack stayed behind, to spend that time with the daughter he never had, its no doubt he'll be instrumental in saving Fitz from The Framework again. After that quick exchange he has with Tripp, perhaps he'll see more action too. There are some fun possibilities for this next week, and that doesn't even include anything between Coulson and The Captain.

Yes, there was some "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" footage after tonight's episode. But really, it wasn't much. It was mostly stuff we have seen before. We have seen Kurt Russell in his Ego garb. We have seen him take his Darth Vader moment. We get it, he's his father in this movie, great. But its all stuff we have seen already. Before this sequel, there were theories that Yondu was Peter Quill's father, and I love that they make that joke in the footage. Hey, who knows, maybe Yondu is real and the whole Ego thing is a fake-out. We shall see. But we mostly got stuff we have already seen. But you know what? Good! The least I know about this movie, the better. 

I would have never thought to say this, but I am very much looking forward to seeing how things end for these characters in the next few weeks. I just hope the ending is just as strong as the beginning. The story arcs in "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." have either been hit or miss. Or mostly hit with a miss at the end. The good and the bad go every which way, never seeming to hit the target. I am hoping this season ends with a bullseye.

 What did everyone else think?

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