Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Mountain Between Us Trailer

Now, this looks interesting.

You know, when I think to myself, and reflect on the world of film we are living through right now. I sometimes wonder if we are living in one of the laziest eras of filmmaking. When was the last time somebody had an original idea in the world of film? Not something based on a series of books. Not a movie treatment of a TV show. Not a superhero movie. Not a remake. Not a prequel. Not a homage. None of those? Its hard to really remember when original ideas were turned out just as much as everything else. It seems that studios don't want to take risks on anything anymore, everybody just wants the big franchise that they milk for the next decade.

There was a time when you could make a decent return at the box office by making a great movie featuring two A-list, strong leads. It seems that day is done for now. It makes me sad. Yes, we still see movies that run on the power of its actors, but studios only greenlight those movies when they are told that they are meant to be Oscar bait movies. Very few movies are actually made out of risk, very few movies are made to be bankable by the power of its stars. The studios play it safe, and sadly I can't imagine that being a platform to stand on.

This is why something like "The Mountain Between Us" grabs my attention. It seems to run on the power of Idris Elba and Kate Winslet, its two stars. It doesn't look like its coming out anywhere near award season, and the visuals are all stunning. Its been awhile since we had a really good survival movie, so I am hoping for the best for it. It looks good.

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