Monday, May 8, 2017

Second trailer for IT!

I don't really watch MTV anymore, ever since it stopped being about the music. I will admit that I have a soft spot for "Catfish: The TV Show" but that's about it. I especially stopped paying attention to their Movie Award show after all those awards given to "Twilight." Yuck! But I kind of wish I saw it last night. There was a brand new trailer or Stephen King's "IT." The trailer popped up online last night, and I absolutely loved it.

When I discussed the first trailer, I talked about how Stephen King wasn't a conventional horror writer, that's why he is who he is. That is the main reason why I am so excited for this movie. More so in this new trailer than the first one, this feels very close to the book. The more I see of this movie, the more I am convinced we are going to get a worthy adaptation.

There are two main ingredients that have to be right in order for "IT" to work. The Loser's Club relationship and Pennywise. In this second trailer, we really see the relationship between the kids really begin to unravel. I love the chemistry between this group, they feel like a real group of kids, and that's incredibly important to the story.

We haven't heard Pennywise speak. We really haven't seen much of Pennywise at all. I like that, I don't want advertising to go too overboard. Sometimes that makes the experience even better, so I hope they keep him under wraps before release.

I am getting really excited for this one!

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