Monday, May 15, 2017

RIP Powers Boothe

RIP Powers Boothe

I can't believe I was so late on this. But the legendary Powers Boothe passed away yesterday at 68 years old.

Boothe was a known for playing villains, and its not really surprising. If you have heard the guy speak before, you know he was ripe for any villain role that came his way, which is exactly what happened. Not only did he have an iconic voice, one of the most iconic in the history of the craft, but he had a menace in his eyes, a cruel demeanor, vile veracity in the structure of his sentences. Its too bad, because even though he was really good at playing bad guys, and even though he has been in the game for decades, he never became the star I think he should have been. He never got on the A-list level, he never broke out as a star. But no matter, what he did, you certainly felt his presence.

Its interesting discussing Powers Boothe's career and thinking of all the villains he's played. Any "Walking Dead" fans that are reading this right now, get on Google or take out one of the comics you have in your collection. Look and find a picture of Negan. Now, look up a picture of a young Powers Boothe. Wouldn't he be perfect for Negan? I would have loved to see him play the part had "The Walking Dead" come out a few decades earlier. 

What were the best Powers Boothe performances? Well, that's a loaded question. I will honestly say that I love his work in "Tombstone." This is my favorite Western. Now, I know I am probably a bad Western fan for saying that. Because it doesn't star Clint Eastwood or John Wayne. But I absolutely love "Tombstone." Its a wonderful little Western, tells an incredible true story and is a great showcase for Kurt Russell, Bill Paxton and Val Kilmer before he disappeared off the Earth. Powers Boothe is in the movie, and he gives that sweet, vile performance I discussed at the beginning. Something you will never forget. In a movie filled with grand tough guys and memorable performances, Boothe really made himself stick out in a feature full of legendary actors.

Boothe had several overly-memorable performances to his name, including his work in "Red Dawn," the original film. There is also "Southern Comfort," "The Emerald Forest," "Sin City," and even made "Sudden Death" passable as a movie. Then there are all of his TV credits, which include the TV movie "Guyana Tragedy" which told the true story of the Jonestown Massacre. Jim Jones was a monster, a real life boogeyman and Boothe brought him to life with a fair amount of ease, and does an impeccable job in his portrayal.

Boothe is a guy that should have been more well known than he was, and he was gone way too soon. He will definitely be missed. And in honor of his passing. Well...bye.

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