Thursday, May 4, 2017

Review: "Personal Shopper" just my put Kristen Stewart back on the map.

Personal Shopper Review
Over the course of a Hollywood actor's career, they either develop a good or bad reputation. Their reputation represents their character and how well they get work throughout their lives. Kristen Stewart as developed a bad reputation over the years. She is seen as not a good actress, difficult to work with in the background, and is just simply an odd person in general. I have seen this come out in many moments of her career. I don't think she's that strong of an actress and she soon became one of those people that would force me to cringe each time I saw their name attached to an upcoming attraction.

But if I had one piece of advice to any and all movie-lovers out there, its this. You got to take everyone's work film by film. Whether they are actors or directors or whatever, you got to take their work film by film. You just never know when somebody you previously didn't care for comes along and surprises you. You also never know when somebody reliable will fall. We are humans, even those in Hollywood, they are infallible. But even sometimes they are full of surprise. Such is the case with Kristen Stewart and her new movie "Personal Shopper."

"Personal Shopper" is a slow burn mystery. Its a movie that will take lots of time to get going and set up, but once its up and running, its unforgettable. This is the type of movie that I have a hard time recommending, even though I enjoy it to the fullest. This is definitely going to be a polarizing movie, its definitely not for everyone. As far as my tastes go however, it certainly worked for me. Its full of good performances, its finds the suspense in the most unsuspecting places, and tells a ghoulish little ghost story that works across the board. I mean, there are entire stretches of this movie where Kristen Stewart is simply texting some unknown number. Who would have ever thought that so much tension and anxiety could come from texting an unknown number. There are lots of point-of-view shots in the movie, and I amazed just how engaging they all are. This is what clever, smart filmmaking looks like, finding the draw in the unexpected.

Stewart plays Maureen, a personal shopper for a rich person in Paris, France. She recently is struggling from the death of her twin brother. When Maureen starts feeling "a presence" in her house, starts receiving texts from an unknown, mysterious number and starts hearing loud booms, she suspects that something isn't right. Is Maureen being haunted? Is her dead brother trying to tell her something? Is it all in her head? Sadly, the movie does not offer up any easy answers, which may also frustrate some viewers to a degree. But the film is so confident in what its saying and so engrossing as its story unfolds, its hard not to pay attention. Its worth at least a look. I am also not going to say that Stewart's performance is going to win her any awards, its shaky at best. But this is some of the better work she's done so far, so that is worth at least a look too.

Whether you want to witness Kristen Stewart gain a little redemption in this point of her career, if you like a timid ghost story without too many scares, if you like mysteries and like the adrenaline shot of suspense, gives this a try. You may be surprised by what you find.


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