Friday, March 24, 2017

March Madness: Heroes vs. Villains (Third Round Voting)

Another round of Heroes vs. Villains gone. Its been a bloodbath of voting this passed few days. Now moving into our third round, here is how things shook out.

You guys must really love the Caped Crusader, because he is further advancing in our Heroes vs. Villains bracket, easily knocking Martin Riggs out of the competition (Batman received over 90% of the vote). Wolverine defeated Jason Bourne, in a rough and tough vote. That was really close, in fact, I nearly called for a revote. But Wolverine was victorious, (he received 52% of the vote). Easily the biggest upset of the third round was Jyn Erso edging out Spider-Man in another incredibly close vote (Erso received 51% of the vote, Spider-Man received 49%). Uhura edged out Ethan Hunt, taking 80% of the vote with her.

As far as TV heroes go, I guess all my Trekkie readers were asleep this week, because Daredevil took 70% of the vote to edge Spock out of the competition. Hercules took 60% of the vote to edge out Ragnar Lothbrok out the competition. Arya Stark took Luke Cage out of the competition, she took a little over 70% of the vote. Then, Goku destroyed Carol Peletier, and got her out of the competition, taking over 60% of the vote. I guess Goku didn't look at the flowers. 

On the darker side of the bracket, Darth Vader devastated The Enchantress this round, taking almost the entire percentage of voting. Chucky easily took Samara out of the competition, taking slightly over 80% of the vote. Saruman advances over Micheal Corleone, taking 75% of the vote. Zemo took out Ed Rooney, garnering 68% of the vote. Nice job, bad guys! These were the results of the Movie villains bracket.

On the TV Villain side of things, Don Draper continues his dominance over the TV Villains, taking The Monster out of the competition with 80% of the vote. Gus Fring took Negan out of the competition, taking 78% of the vote with him. Annalise Keating took Ari Gold out of the competition, with 65% of the vote taken. Then, Dr. Hannibal Lecter took Ramsey Bolton out of the competition also garnering 65% of the vote.

Here are the match-ups for this round. This round starts today and will go to March 29th.


Batman (1) vs. Wolverine (4)
Jyn Erso (3) vs. Uhura (10)


Daredevil (8) vs. Hercules (5)
Arya Stark (3) vs. Goku (2)


Darth Vader (1) vs. Chucky (4)
Saruman (6) vs. Zemo (7)


Don Draper (1) vs. Gus Fring (5)
Annalise Keating (6) vs. Dr. Hannibal Lecter (2)

Keep voting, you'll have until March 29th

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