Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Bad Synopsis: Number Seven

Sorry for a week hiatus folks, I am back for the next contest of Bad Synopsis. The game is very simple, I take three movies every week, explain them in the poorest of poor way imaginable. Then you guys have a week to guess what movies I was talking about. Its been great fun so far, and I hope we have another fun week. Here are the answers from last week.

1. After a big promotion, a man falls in love on a business trip, get kidnapped by bad guys then finds out his love set him up!

2. A man falls in love with his cell phone.

3. A loser meets a new friend, together they find a treehouse and start a secret club. When the friend plans to take over the club, the loser gets mad. 

Get it? Get it??

Now here are the three Bad Synopsis films for this week:

1. Its like "The Shining" but on a boat.

2. The loneliest guy in the entire world spends his days playing golf, doing science and talking to mannequins. 

3. A guy gets left on an island with his friends, they forget about him.

You can email me your guesses ( or leave a comment on the section below. Lets see how you guys do this week! See you again, Wednesday!

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