Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Bad Synopsis: Number Eight

Here is the eight week of my game where I explain the synopsis' of three different movies, and you have to guess what they are. The problem is that I explain them very, very poorly. You have all week to see if you can guess what they are. Have fun. But first, the answers from last week.

1. Its like "The Shining" but on a boat.

2. The loneliest guy in the entire world spends his days playing golf, doing science and talking to mannequins. 

3. A guy gets left on an island with his friends, they forget about him.

Get it? Get it??

Here is the next round for this week. You have all week to figure these out. Please post in the comment section below!!!

1. The most vicious reality television show you could think of, featuring muscles!

2. The intertwining lives of several people living in a city where a priest eats people everything is black and white.

3. The Chosen One is asked to stop two renegades from entering a chapel!

Have fun!

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