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I am always astounded by "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." because they are capable of some of the most random moments of awesome. Even in their most boring of episodes. Last night's episode was on the track to being just a mediocre episode. For most of its running time, it was not anything special, not to me. Overall, I don't think they've made LMD's completely interesting and they haven't highlighted why they are so unique and essential to Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D. organization. Much of this second half of season four has reminded me of a long-winded "Terminator" movie. In fact, there is a moment where Daisy goes all Sarah Connor and blasts a robot Director Mace with a pump shot gun. So yeah, for the most part, I wasn't blown away by the episode. As it began to draw to close, I couldn't believe that such a lifeless episode would air right before a month plus hiatus. 

But then, there was that ending. A ending that only "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." could muster. It was an ending that made the episode. That has made this season worthwhile. Trust me, jumping from Ghost Rider to LMD's to more Inhumans and Watchdogs, its been a really schizophrenic season. It almost feels like ABC got nervous getting the ten o'clock spot, and in fear of cancelation, they've been pulling all the stops. Once again though, the story of season four is going to shift when we return in April. However, this next phase of season four actually seems exciting. I am incredibly interested.

I have talked a little bit about the Framework. The Framework was created by Dr. Radcliffe. The Framework is a digital world created by Dr. Radcliffe and his LMD Aida, a place where he traps the humans as Dr. Radcliffe creates robot versions of said trapped humans, making them into LMDs. The humans trapped in the Framework have no idea the world they inhabit is fake, it seems to read the minds of the people in it and unleash their deep wants and even reverses their regrets. The Framework is important, because as tonight's episode began to take hold, we saw that Coulson, Mace, and Mack were all LMD's, and all three of those men were trapped in the Framework. We knew they got in touch with May's LMD and  we surprisingly learned that Fritz is also an LMD. It was up to Daisy and Jemma to get S.H.I.E.L.D. back from the robots. We also learned that Aida has carved up The Superior and she's even put Dr. Radcliffe himself into the Framework. One thing is certain, Aida is the Big Bad this season. She is using The Framework and the Darkholde to gain power.

There was plenty of action in the episode, and Daisy stands out in most of the action scenes. But what really made the episode was the ending. We see Daisy and Jemma knowingly enter The Framework, in order to save May, Coulson, Mack, Mace and Fitz. Once inside the Framework, we see that the real world and The Framework couldn't be more different. Coulson is a teacher, Mack has a family, Jemma has a gravestone, Fitz is rich as fuck and Daisy Grant Ward? Yep, it looks like Brett Dalton will be returning in April as Grant Ward. I know I said that I didn't much care for Ward after mid-season two, and that's because I never felt the show ever did anything useful with him after his HYDRA reveal. He could have been a cool villain but with bad writing, he never amounted to much. Here in The Framework, we might get something cool out of his time. That is what I hope for.

Another big reveal was of Agent May standing in the Triskelion. Except its not a S.H.I.E.L.D. building anymore. There is a HYDRA symbol at the top of the building. So I am guessing that Captain America failed his mission in "The Winter Soldier" in the world of the Framework? Good lord, what does this all mean? Why is Fitz rich? Why is Jemma dead? Where is Mace? Grant Ward is alive? HYDRA prevailed? What does this mean, and will the characters want to leave the Framework when its all said and done? These are big questions, so big that its all I thought about last night. Which is why this write up was a night late. Its a lot to throw at the audience right before another big hiatus. The theories for this one will be long and strenuous over the next month or so. Now I wish there was another episode next week. I need answers god dammit!

What did everyone else think?

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