Monday, February 27, 2017

REVIEW: Hopefully, "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter" is the final chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Review
I kinda liked the first "Resident Evil" movie. I want to stress the kinda, but I kinda did. I thought it was creepy at some points, I thought it was cool at other points, I thought it ended on a pretty spectacular cliffhanger, and it was decent for what it was. As far as video game franchises turned movie franchises, this first film wasn't bad compared to most. I hoped the same for the other movies in the franchise. Sadly, that never happened.

Every film in the rest of the franchise seemed determined to simply be a bigger version of the first film. Simply doing the same thing over again is braindead on a creative stand point. It also seemed like as the movies got bigger, the scripts got stupider, the dialogue got dumber, the special effects got worse and the acting got worse. It got to the point that I was wondering how these kept making money and why so many were continually invested in this garbage. What was the point of continually going back to franchise that was committed to being done after one movie?

"Resident Evil: The Last Chapter" suffers from the same, familiar problems with the other sequels in this franchise. Its a bigger version of the first film. Except the script is the stupidest of the sequels. The dialogue is the dumbest of the sequels, the special effects is the worst of the franchise. And, you guessed it, the acting is the worst of the franchise. Its a movie that says its the grand finale of this franchise, but ends in such a way that it could continue on, so in all honestly, the movie is a big lie. They will milk this until they can milk it no more, and that is just plain sad. Its not really about anything. Alice (Milla Jovovich) is still chasing Dr. Alexander (Iain Glen) while the doctor sets up more traps for her. She finally learns all of her past! Hooray. Because we were so heavily invested in these characters! Alice runs around and kicks ass and that's it. 

At this point, Milla Jovovich is clearly just phoning it in at this point, and so is Iain Glen. These are actors I normally like, but they are unbearably silly here. Its like they aren't even trying. Why should we care about these characters when the actors themselves really don't care about them? How are we supposed to stay emotionally invested in something that we can't relate to? 

Its weird that we get a "Resident Evil" movie with very few zombies. But honestly? Whatever. I hope I am through with this franchise, its been through with us for over a decade.


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