Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bad Synopsis- Number Six

Hey guys!

Here I am with my sixth week of "Bad Synopsis." The column where I pick three movies at random and explain what they are. In. The. Worst. Possible. Fashion. I found this on Facebook and had so much fun with it that I decided to make a big column on my blog. I have had several fun weeks writing these up and I hope you have been enjoying them too. I hope you like this week's nominees.

1. A woman has, quite possibly, the worst wedding anyone could ever imagine. Then is brought back from the dead in order to get back at the people who ruined her special day. She also gets to travel the world and find out more about her family.

2. When several ships invade a foreign land and destroy several of its villages. Two natives from the foreign land sneak onto an invading ship, show the ship captain a skull, then save their world.

3. Five individuals trapped in a single room learn more from each other than they would ever realize.
Get it? Get it?? 

I hope you had fun with this last week, here is week six of "Bad Synopsis"

1. After a big promotion, a man falls in love on a business trip, get kidnapped by bad guys then finds out his love set him up!

2. A man falls in love with his cell phone.

3. A loser meets a new friend, together they find a treehouse and start a secret club. When the friend plans to take over the club, the loser gets mad. 

You can email me your guesses ( or leave a comment on the section below. Lets see how you guys do this week! See you again, Wednesday!

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