Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Bad Synopsis- Number Four

Well, I hope you've been having fun with these each week as I have been brainstorming good ways to rattle your movie-loving brains! Here are the results from last week. Want to see how you did?

1. An evil overlord gets a royal prince to invade a foreign land with the overlord's army. The brother of the prince gets mad and joins a group of misfits to protect the foreign land. They are successful and the brother sends his prince brother to jail back in their land. The overlord smiles because he will get his revenge, but not for a long time.

2. A game of cops and robbers spurs from a redneck killing a security guard.

3. Its like "Home Alone" but in space!!

Get it? Get it??

Ok, so wraps up a third week of "Bad Synopsis" and now get ready for the first month caper of playful synopsis.

1. A billionaire has some bad dreams, then decides to hunt down an illegal alien

2. A petty line up brings five guys together for work, but they begin to doubt themselves once  they start believing in ghost stories.

3. A big fat guy goes around talking about guns.

You can email me your guesses ( or leave a comment on the section below. Lets see how you guys do this week! See you again, Wednesday!

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