Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Bad Synopsis- Number Five

Hi everyone! Welcome to another week of Bad Synopsis. Where I pick three movies at random and explain the film's premise in the worst possible way. You, the audience, then has all week to guess what those movies are. Its been a whirlwind of fun so far, and I am glad that we are into our fifth week. Super cool. Now, time for the answers from last week.

 Take a look below:

1. A billionaire has some bad dreams, then decides to hunt down an illegal alien

2. A petty line up brings five guys together for work, but they begin to doubt themselves once  they start believing in ghost stories.

3. A big fat guy goes around talking about guns.
Get it? Get it??

Now, here is your fifth round of "Bad Synopsis"

1. A woman has, quite possibly, the worst wedding anyone could ever imagine. Then is brought back from the dead in order to get back at the people who ruined her special day. She also gets to travel the world and find out more about her family.

2. When several ships invade a foreign land and destroy several of its villages. Two natives from the foreign land sneak onto an invading ship, show the ship captain a skull, then save their world.

3. Five individuals trapped in a single room learn more from each other than they would ever realize.

You can email me your guesses ( or leave a comment on the section below. Lets see how you guys do this week! See you again, Wednesday!

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