Sunday, February 12, 2017

A United Kingdom trailer

At the beginning of the year, I eluded that I bought a membership to Chicago International Film. Through this membership, I get to attend the Chicago International Film festival this October, which I can't wait to go to. I also get to a chance to see some movies in advance. I will be attending my first advanced screening this Wednesday night. The movie I will be seeing is "A United Kingdom." It stars David Oyelowo, who played Martin Luther King Jr. in 2014's "Selma." He also starred in "Rise of the Planet of the Apes," "Interstellar" and a slew of other films. It also stars Rosamund Pike, who was nominated for an Academy Award a few years ago for her incredible work in "Gone Girl."

What's the movie about? It tells the true story about Prince Seretse Khama, a prince from Botswana. In the 1940's, he shocked the world by marrying a white woman from England. The country of Botswana didn't approve. The woman's English family didn't approve. But they fell in love and they stuck it out anyway. Oyelowo will play Khama and Pike will play his wife. I have already read positive things about this film, so I am already on board for this!

Following the film, will be a Q&A with David Oyelowo, which I am also very excited for. Hopefully I can meet him, shake his hand, and maybe grab a selfie. We shall see though. I plan to write a review on the film Wednesday night and discuss the Q&A which follows. "A United Kingdom" will hit theaters next weekend.

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