Monday, February 20, 2017

2016 Award Circuit: Extremis Review

2016 Award Circuit: Extremis Review
The 2016 Award Circuit will be a collection of reviews of films that are in some kind of award runnings within the months of January through March. Not only will this prepare me for the big night (AKA Oscar Night), but it will also allow me to catch up with some of the critically acclaimed films I missed out on in 2016. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy watching and writing them.

I think throughout my entire time writing on this site, I don't think I have written much on short films. Its not that I don't like short films, I certainly do. It's just hard to find them most of the time, especially short films and short documentaries up for awards. I feel like the only way to really see some of those is through some kind of festival. Leave it to Netflix to be awesome and have at least one short documentary available to view. This will definitely be the only short film or short documentary I'll be able to see before Oscar Night, so this is the one I'll be rooting for by default.

Good thing too, because "Extremis" is twenty-four minutes of powerful sorrow.

No, this is not a short documentary about the very bad things in "Iron Man 3," this documentary focuses on three people under close proximity of end-of-life care. This follows the doctors involved, the patients themselves and their families as they go back and forth on figuring out how to come to sad decisions. It really shows the toll these doctors have, having to do this over and over each day. We see the toll it takes on the families. And of course, how it affects the patients.

This creates more tension and drama than any episode of "Grey's Anatomy" could ever think to do. Of course, it feels better dealing with real people. But everything feels more in depth. We feel like we are in the ER, going over the decisions the families are about to make. We can feel their anxiety and pain. We can feel what is at stake for each of the families, and we definitely feel the hurt on the doctors, having to go through with such painful decisions. This blows any doctor show right out of the water, and its not even a half-hour long.

So yes, this was a good little watch and I may be bias. But I'll be rooting for this one Sunday night.


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