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I hate that I waited on this for so long. These two episodes have been sitting on my DVR for over a month now. I apologize for the delay, but I have finished this second season of "Ash vs. The Evil Dead" and I wanted to discuss these last two episodes. When we were here last, I was pretty unsatisfied by the body count of this season. There were some cool new characters who showed up, proved how awesome they were, then died. Then there was the cardinal sin of killing Pablo. At first, I could not believe that he was dead. But he was gone for a couple episodes and it was evident that he was dead. Pablo was the heart of this show, seated next to Bruce Campbell who has always been the soul. I know its a show about demons and blood-splatter, but violently pulling the heart out of this show was a bad move.

I guess I wasn't the only person shook from Pablo's death. It appears by episode nine called "Home Again" that Ash himself was pretty melancholy about it. At the beginning of the episode, we see him driving in figure eights with Pablo's dead body riding shotgun. Suddenly, Ash sees Pablo's dead body talking to him, asking him to help him. So Ash takes Ruby and Kelly back in time! The trio finds themselves in the 1980's and the episode serves as a prequel of sorts to all things "Evil Dead." Ash plans to stop himself from reading The Book of the Dead. If he doesn't read from the Book as a young man, then he doesn't unleash all sorts of evil on the world. If he doesn't unleash that evil, Pablo never dies. Its a nice road to take right at the end of this season. It proves that the show isn't some comedic fluke. Saving the world takes a toll on everyone, and at the very least playing with that idea, even in a comedic manner, was refreshing.

Things are not as they seem though, it seems like some kind of evil is already loose in the past. Did somebody read the book already? Did they not go back far enough? Ruby and Kelly get attacked by the classic Angry Molesting Trees, made famous by the first "Evil Dead" movie. And Ash is busy investigating the cabin in the woods, the one you know if you are familiar with the old movies, and he's fighting demons. It seems a family is already there experimenting with the book and they bring a young girl for a sacrifice. Demons are running amok in the cabin. Thankfully, Kelly and Ruby destroy and escape the clutches of the Angry Molesting Trees. Depending on how well you like nostalgia will determine how much you like this stretch of the show. I can say with honesty that "Ash vs The Evil Dead" has become something of its own. So this quick few episodes in the past, relying heavily on nostalgia didn't really bother me.

Ruby and Kelly make it to the cabin, only to find...Ruby from the past. She thinks its all a trick, and she can't understand what she's seeing. She wants the book for her future nefarious plans, and Ash and gang won't let her. Ash and Kelly escape with the book, while Good Ruby fights Bad Ruby and dies. Jesus, I thought, I don't know how many more major character deaths I can truly stand. BUT WAIT. Ash grows his hand back, and Pablo comes back to life. So did Ash save the day? It seems like it. But there have been twists and turns laced throughout this entire season. This season has been wildly unpredictable. Pablo is not Pablo. Pablo is Baal and he captures Ash and Kelly. Turns out Baal hid in Pablo's dead body once he died and Ash actually wasn't hallucinating when Pablo asked him to avenge him, it was Baal. Ash asks for an ultimatum. A good old fashioned fist-fight; if Ash wins, Baal has to bring back the real Pablo, if Ash looses, Baal and Evil Ruby will take over the world. 

This leads to some of the biggest laughs of the entire season. A final last-lap of everything we liked from this season. Baal turns into Ash's dad to provoke him, as well as his bartender friend, both of whom lost their lives to Baal. Yes, Ash looses his hand again, so maybe you thought that was kind of stupid to bring his hand back just for him to loose it again. I thought it was dumb myself, but there was some big laughs on the way to loose his hand again, so I guess it was worth it. Ash eventually defeats Baal. 

And finally, Pablo, the real Pablo comes back to life!

So Ash is hailed as a hero, there is a funny "Star Wars" gag in this scene and of course Evil Ruby is still on the loose. I may not have agreed with every decision of this second season, but by and large, this was another wicked cool season of the show! I liked the humor and nostalgia of this second season. I liked the possibilities coming next. There was a sting right after the credits, so there is plenty of evil for Ash to fight in the future, so expect more to come!

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