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One of my all time favorite things about "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." was the inclusion of Patton Oswald. He's one of the best comedic actors of his generation, and I've always been drawn to his work. I couldn't believe it when I first saw him showing up in episodes of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." Then they tried to deceive the audience, they tried to tell us that Patton Oswald's character was killed. No, his character, Agent(s) Koenig, was still alive. Sort of. He was just playing a different version of the character. I say "version" because I honestly don't know what other word to use. Patton Oswald guest starred on season two, and there were two Koenig's, both played by Oswald. Are they twins? Are they robots? I always harbored that they were LMD's and now that we have a season finally focusing on LMD's, I thought maybe we'd get answers. So far, no such luck. But Christ Almighty, can Oswald just become a series regular already?

There are two Koenig's at a restaurant when tonight's episode opens. They are chatting up a storm when suddenly two men with guns show up to subdue them. While one Koenig gets pinned by heavy fire, the other gets tazed and captured by none other then the long-haired Watchdog who keeps showing up lately. Turns out that Agent Coulson gave the Koenig's the Darkhold to get rid of, and the Watchdogs found out about it. Why do the Watchdogs want it so bad? They are in league now with Dr. Radcliffe who is helping Senator Nasir with something. One of the Koenig's is captured by the Watchdogs and is tortured to find out where the Darkhold is being hidden. A rescue mission spurs and Coulson recruits...you guessed it..more Koenigs. Apparently there is an anti-government comedian Koenig who helps the mission. As well as Artemis Pebdani, who is so good on "Always Sunny In Philadelphia" and "Son of Zorn" shows up as a Koenig sister, who is a kind of freelance agent. Patton Oswald is given three times the great material and he certainly runs with it. Can ABC please make him a series regular already?

Last week, Fitz, Jemma and Mack found out that the Dr. Radcliffe they thought they killed wasn't actually the real Dr. Radcliffe, but a LMD himself. The trio tries to conduct an interrogation on the LMD Dr. Radcliffe with little to no effect. You see, we get a bomb dropped on us regarding Fitz. Dr. Radcliffe knew Fitz' father. Sadly, its nothing too big, at least not yet. It could become a major plotpoint and I am glad they are trying to expand one of the best characters on the show. But it seems like a cliche. You see, Fitz and his father had a terrible relationship. Ha, could have guessed that I suppose. This stretch of the episode is certainly acted well, I just hope it leads somewhere worth while.

Oh, and Coulson and Melinda May share a kiss this episode! Except, its not the real Melinda May, its the LMD Melinda May. And right after she gives Coulson the kiss, she reveals her true plans, she is going to take the Darkhold to Dr. Radcliffe. Coulson of course being Coulson, was able to figure out that Melinda May wasn't herself and it already looks like that will payoff next episode, I hope they rescue the real Melinda May. The fight for the Darkhold was a fun snippet of action. And again, the playback between Pebdani and Oswald makes it stick. I am still not sure how I feel about a Coulson and May romance, it seems like decision that was just made out of left field. I hope I am wrong, because I enjoy both characters.

We finally met The Superior, the mysterious figure who is a mutual friend between Senator Nasir and Dr. Radcliffe. Seems though, there really isn't anything special about him. He's this Russian ship captain who seemingly is in charge of the Inhumans. He's also got mad beef with Coulson. He blames Coulson for the Chitauri, the Kree, the Inhumans, we see The Superior had surveillance on Coulson when he was assembling the Avengers. It could be possible that The Superior believes Coulson is the reason for all the world's wrongs, which could be cool. The character is played by Zach McGowen, who does slimy, snarky work. I enjoyed the acting, and I am eager to find out more about him. So that should say something.

But please Marvel/ABC, above all else. More Patton Oswald please. Overall, tonight's episode had some big laughs, big reveals and lots of fun. This represents what this show can be when its on top of its game, I hope the cylinders keep firing on this level.

What did the rest of you think?

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