Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Bad Synopsis- Number Two

I hope you enjoyed this game last week, describing a movie's plot in the absolute worst way possible. First, I am going to give you guys the answers from last week. Then I've got three more "bad synopsis'" for you guys to crack this week. Let's see how you did


 1. People in the greater Los Angeles area are affected by baggage carrying rare exports, a sporting event and the murdering of a black teen.
2. A young Professor travels to Europe where he learns more about his grandfather, cheats on his fiance, and gives dance lessons.

3. A young boy figures out what he wants to be when he grows up, and as an adult he gives a long (and I do mean long) winded explanation why he wanted to do that, his co-workers, and how he got rich from said job. Heck, even his wife chimes in every once in awhile to discuss what she thought of her husband's job. He even discusses how his job ruined his life!

Get it??? Get it???

Now here is round two this week. Three more bad synopsis' let's see if you can guess them all.

1. Ten people go on a tour of a rich slaver's compound. Suddenly, everything turns into an Agatha Christie novel.

2. A rich southern man talks about his entire life on a nice day; his hobbies, the places he visited and a  girl who kept taking advantage of him.

3. A prince gets framed for murder, so he leaves his kingdom and goes to be a free spirit with two hapless buffoons. When the girl of his dreams tracks him down and tells him his kingdom is in disarray, this information coupled with one weird hallucination inspire the prince to go get his kingdom back!

Let's see if you can guess these by next week! Have fun! 

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