Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Bad Synopsis-Number Three

Interesting as always gang. I am hoping to get a little more feedback this week. Am I stumping you guys? Are you getting them? Wanna send in your own? Let me know!

Here are the answers from last week


1. Ten people go on a tour of a rich slaver's compound. Suddenly, everything turns into an Agatha Christie novel.

2. A rich southern man talks about his entire life on a nice day; his hobbies, the places he visited and a  girl who kept taking advantage of him.

3. A prince gets framed for murder, so he leaves his kingdom and goes to be a free spirit with two hapless buffoons. When the girl of his dreams tracks him down and tells him his kingdom is in disarray, this information coupled with one weird hallucination inspire the prince to go get his kingdom back!
Get it? Get it??

So now, here are your three for this week. Let's see if you can guess them!

1. An evil overlord gets a royal prince to invade a foreign land with the overlord's army. The brother of the prince gets mad and joins a group of misfits to protect the foreign land. They are successful and the brother sends his prince brother to jail back in their land. The overlord smiles because he will get his revenge, but not for a long time.

2. A game of cops and robbers spurs from a redneck killing a security guard.

3. Its like "Home Alone" but in space!!

Can you guess which movies I am talking about? Let me know! You have until Wednesday!

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