Monday, December 19, 2016

Blade Runner 2049 Announcement

I love "Blade Runner," its one of our few science fiction masterpieces. Something that really changed the genre and helped define it. Its one of the many great Harrison Ford films, a great portrait of his grand early days. I didn't know what to expect when Ridley Scott decided to return to "Blade Runner." But hey, the guy returned to "Alien." I know I am one of the people in the minority here, but I love "Prometheus." I absolutely love it, and I don't care who knows it. I am as curious as I can possibly be about "Alien: Covenant," and I sincerely hope I enjoy that film as well. But as I was saying, sometimes it can be a curse to return to something so many years later, but other times it can be a blessing. Ridley Scott doesn't have the strongest record and his work is often inconsistent, but I look forward to seeing what can come next with this. They are already off to a good start getting Ryan Gosling in this thing as a new character. I am also curious to see how Harrison Ford does returning to this franchise.

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