Monday, November 21, 2016




Last week, we learned that Pablo literally has the Book of the Dead inside his body and Baal knows that if Pablo dies, so does the book, which is the only thing that can defeat him. We know that Ash got captured last week, as well as being brainwashed by Baal in order to kill Pablo. This was all set up for tonight, when Pablo, Ruby and Kelly try to rescue Ash. They don't know Ash has been brainwashed and they don't know that he is a threat to them. He sure was a threat to Sheriff Emery, who opened the episode with his decapitation. I know he earned a slight redemption this week, but Emery was a big douche, and I never mind when douchey characters die. I don't care if they are good or bad, I am so glad he's gone. 

The funniest part of the episode was when Kelly fought against Ash's evil puppet given to him by Baal. We were introduced to the puppet last week, and while he was quite funny last week his encounter with Kelly is both a little creepy and still humorous. There fight is the grotesque delightfulness of delirium we have come to expect from this show, and I found the high humor throughout all the bloodlust. 

By the end of the episode, Ash was never brainwashed by Baal. Getting Baal and Pablo in the same room was all part of his plan that he apparently hatched to himself a few episodes back. Its a little funny, and then Baal and Pablo fight. Pablo destroys Baal, all the while Baal is trying to stop him by all means necessary. Right before the credits roll, we see the unthinkable, we her the unfathomable. Right before Baal dies, he slices Pablo's body in half. The one cardinal sin I hoped against last week, came to fruition, and I could not be sadder. Pablo is dead. Why is this show on a roll with killing all of my favorite characters? I am really not a fan of any of this, they introduced two cool characters and quickly killed them off, and now they decimate a fan favorite? And for what? Shock? Will this death play into something significant in later episodes? I would hope so, because Pablo deserves more than that. We were just getting into a cool time for his character, then they let him go. Shameful.

RIP Pablo

What did everyone else think? 

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